Corporate Finance
Raising Capital

On an international level

Within the framework of our consulting services, Key Consult supports companies in all major strategic and financial decisions. Thereby, we accompany our clients through all issues around cross-border M&A transactions as well as in raising capital in the Asian region.

Due to many years of experience, our expertise and our extensive network and in the role of an independent consultant we offer companies an access to one of the most difficult but at the same time largest capital markets: China. We offer comprehensive support in investment consulting and trading or raising capital. Thereby we support our clients on a management as well as on an operational level in Austria and act as an intermediary between these parties.

On a domestic level

The search for financial asset is challenging and has become increasingly difficult for innovative start-ups and medium-sized techcompanies. Lack of financial securities, high market- and technological risks as well as credit banks´ insufficient know-how regarding the evaluation of new technologies often bar the way to the classical bank credit.

Key Consult provides innovative clients with professional support in the development of "alternative" finanancing sources such as:

  • Public Grants:
    e.g.: Fond for Research Funding (FFF), WWFF
    More information available in the business segment Grant management
  • Finance investors:
    e.g.: Venture Capitalists, Mezzanine fonds
  • Strategic Investors:
    Companies acquiring or investing in small- and medium-sized technology companies as part of their growth- or product diversification.