Grant Management
Assistance in Research & Developement

The research and development of innovative products and processes is time-consuming and expensive. Supranational, national and regional institutions offer a wide range of programmes to improve the funding of research companies. The monetary benefits of the funding agencies range from non refundable  subsidies up to long-term, low-cost loans.

The wide range of support facilities and the different details of the funding process makes it difficult for individuals to keep the overview.

Key Consult has specialized in the handling of R&D-grants and offers technology - oriented companies an array of customized services, which
range from analysis of the eligibility for a subsidy to the filing of a grant-application and skilled counselling in all relevant fields.

Processing of Funding

Typically a project managed by Key Consult includes the following steps:

  • Joint planning of project steps and milestones
  • Joint planning of the allocation of recourse
  • Calculation of the project costs
  • Editing of the technical and commercial project description
  • Pinpointing the potential for optimizing the project
  • Further suggestions regarding the project content (Licencing models, market analysis, etc.)
  • Preparation of all formal documentation (application forms, etc.)

In the course of continuous monitoring we also support our client with project-oriented scheduling and the correspondence with the respective institutions.

Customer Cooperation

The cooperation required by the customer is limited to the following areas:

  • Providing the necessary information (performance specification, documentation or presentation)
  • Joint working sessions (first filing of claim, final report, progress reports, application for continued funding)
  • Ongoing activity report by project members

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