International consulting
Access to Asian markets

Our core consultancy fields

As part of our international consultancy we offer our clients customized all-in-one solutions to enter Asian markets, mainly China.

Our consulting services in the international project business focuses on the following core topics:

  • Expansion to the Asian Region
  • Technology transfer Projects
  • Project development and acting as project agents

Expansion to Asian markets

Key Consult supports customers in their expansion efforts to Asia. Due to the extensive network of partners and well-established contacts, many years of experience and multilingual staff we are able to offer customers an optimal solution for an optimal market entry and sustainable market development in Asia.

Technology transfer projects

Due to our experience of many years of advising technology-orientated companies, we have a deep insight into the R&D landscape in Central Europe and in particular in Austria.

It is well-known that there is a huge interest of Asian companies in European technology and know-how. Because of language barriers, the very complex Asian market and high risks European companies will often find no way to market their technologies in Asia in a sustainable way.

We are the right partner for technology-transfers-deals because we are able to establish an optimal access to potential prospects, customers or business partners.

Project development and brokerage

In addition to sustainable market development projects, we also arrange short-term or one-time business connections and deals.