Your KEY to success

KEY CONSULT is supporting you to identify and implement the optimized funding strategy for your R&D efforts. Optimize and focus your research time by allowing us to assist you in handling of your project applications and reportings.


Your benefits using our services
  • Increased probability of successful grant applications
  • Development of a holistic and long-term funding strategy
  • Optimized funding quota / identification of untapped potential
  • Support to identify potential collaboration partners
  • Support and accompaniment during the entire funding process. We accompany you from the project application till the project validation.

R&D Products

Our KEY CONSULT experts take charge of several multiple R&D funding programs.

  • Screening of the relevant projects
  • Application strategy
  • Elaboration of the application documents
  • Data collection for “Bemessungsgrundlage” and overhead costs
  • Support during review phase
  • Screening of the relevant projects
  • Application strategy
  • Take charge of the project application
  • Forecasting of funding value and payment plan
  • Support during project implementation including reporting and change-, sequel applications
  • KPC
  • AWS
  • International programs
Additional information is available under FUNDING PROGRAMS.

Industrial Sectors

We service companies from various industrial sectors. All of them benefit from our knowhow, continuity, interdisciplinarity, creativity and our commitment for their innovative ideas.

KEY CONSULT is a proven partner especially for following industrial sectors.

Chemistry & Plastic Technology
Electrical engineering, electronics & control technology
Energy supply & alternative energy
Information technology
Food technology
Mechanical engineering
Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
Pharmacy & Life Sciences
Software development
Road construction, hydraulic engineering & mining
Environmental engineering
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